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At TJ Electrical UK we specialise as fire alarm installers for both the commercial and domestic market. In fact we are a one stop shop for fire alarms. Our team take care of everything from the fire alarm design to the supply of materials and installation, through fire alarm testing to the final commissioning of the system and handover of the fire alarm zone charts and drawings. All works are carried out to British Standards BS5839.

As fire alarm installers in Croydon, we have the capacity, expertise and experience to design and install all fire alarm systems, from domestic smoke alarms all the way up to conventional fire alarm systems and addressable fire alarm systems. Our team can even advise and help set-up dedicated Redcare fire alarm monitoring services.

Commercial Fire Alarm Specialists

With major fire alarm systems comes major responsibility. Our team of commercial fire alarm specialists have been installing large scale conventional fire alarm systems and addressable fire alarm systems into supermarkets and large commercial buildings for many years. Our commercial systems are always certified to have passed the categorized risk assessment as outlined by the fire inspector, with specialist DDA regulations being adhered to.

Domestic Smoke Alarm And Fire Alarms Installers In Croydon

Over the years, our team of domestic fire alarm and smoke alarm installers in Croydon have installed thousands of devices into homes, often as specified on behalf of councils. As a part of our service we offer best practice recommendations, such as to install heat detectors in kitchens and to install smoke alarms both on the upstairs landing and downstairs lobby area (and to synchronised the smoke alarms so that if either is triggered, both will sound).

Wireless Fire Alarms In Croydon

There can be extra requirements when installing wireless fire alarms, such as reinforced installations for heavier devices and tests to ensure wireless signals travel to the furthest points. But there are many benefits, especially when customers wish to avoid disruption to the d├ęcor. Our team have installed numerous wireless fire alarm systems in Croydon schools, including St Giles School, Kingsley School, Broadmead School and a 700 point wireless fire alarm in Croydon's Shirley High School.